Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Programs at Liberty Christian Academy are designed to enrich the academic pursuit of students while engaging them in the areas of music, visual arts, and drama. The world of fine arts may open new doors for career paths, provide an opportunity of service to others both in the church and outside, and bring personal satisfaction and enjoyment.


In the area of music, students from preschool through sixth grade are provided music education as a supplement to the classroom learning experience. Beginning Band starts in 4th grade. Middle School and High School students have the option of choosing band or choir as an elective class.

Concerts throughout the year highlight students' musical talents and accomplishments. It is always amazing to see and hear the students using the gifts that God has given them to bless and entertain those in attendance.

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Visual Arts

The visual arts program begins in preschool with an emphasis on learning and the elements and principles of art consistent with the school's biblical worldview. Each year students are introduced to the historical arts of a particular country with a concentration on cultural diversity. Elementary art includes studio projects, art history and art appreciation. Read more about art class and view the projects on our art teacher's art blog.  The Middle School and High School art programs include similar areas of work for the students. Those in the visual arts program participate in showing their works in the Liberty Christian Academy annual Art Show.