Physical Education Program

The Physical Education staff at Liberty Christian Academy welcomes you.  We are looking forward to an exciting and fun year.  Our intent is to educate your child beyond the mere acquisition of skills.  Our primary goal is to achieve a state of physical fitness by fostering in your children a love of physical activity and play in a learning environment.  Our curriculum objectives include:

            *instilling a cognitive need for physical fitness

            *developing coordination, grace and control

            *providing opportunity for leadership

            *developing a sense of fair play, cooperation and sportsmanship

            *developing game and sport skills

            *integrating physical education with other subject areas such as math, science,
              health and  Bible

Grades K-2

Students should bring socks and tennis shoes with them or wear them to school on PE days.  Girls wearing skirts or jumpers should wear shorts underneath.  This age group will participate in a wide variety of activities designed to develop basic physical movement and motor skills.  Grading will be determined by class participation and behavior.

Grades  3-12

Students will be required to have socks, tennis shoes and LCA’s PE uniform shorts and LCA’s Spirit wear t-shirt on PE days.  The uniform can be purchased at Orientation.  Students in these grades will be graded on effort, improvement, and participation (with school PE uniform). Curriculum for this age group includes fitness testing, team and individual sport skills and movement education.

Please feel free to contact the school office at 740-964-2211 if you have any questions.