The Central Ohio Athletic League (COAL) is a middle school league that was established in 1995 with 4 member schools joining the league. After 15 years of existence, league has expanded to 15 schools that compete in 5 interscholastic sports. Schools participate in Girls Volleyball, Coed Soccer, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and the league hosts a TRACK and FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP. 

League members include:

  • Liberty Christian Academy
  • Columbus Torah Academy 
  • St. Johns Lutheran School
  • Grace Christian School
  • Columbus School for Girls
  • New Hope Christian
  • Cypress Christian School,
  • Genoa Christian Academy 
  • Polaris Christian Academy
  • Northside Christian School 
  • Madison Christian School
  • Tree of Life Christian School
  • Delaware Christian School
  • Granville Christian Academy
  • Gahanna Christian Academy

Mission: The COAL endorses the educational value of sport as an extension of the classroom, providing depth of experience for the whole individual. The values we choose to promote include leadership, teamwork, discipline, responsibility, integrity, enthusiasm, loyalty and team spirit.

Vision: The COAL strives to expand the number of schools and diversity of sport competition.