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Your child’s education is the best investment you may ever make. Liberty  Christian Academy offers a quality Christ-centered educational program at the preschool through high school level. It is a place where our students are encouraged to look beyond their own wants and needs, but rather see the needs of others, and actively seek ways to serve. We would love to help your family discover your place in this exciting Christian learning community!

  • 100% Graduation
  • 18 Average
    College Credits Earned
  • 100K Average College
    Scholarship Dollars Awarded

“"I love going to LCA because we have the freedom to talk about God in class.  The teachers care a lot about their students.  When we are having a rough day, they help to make us feel good about ourselves."”

Levi H. - 5th Grader

“I am so blessed to have been a student at Liberty Christian Academy and I believe that it made me the person I am today. Aside from the great academics at LCA , the teachers and staff always focused on the spiritual growth of each student and created a personal relationship with them. The school also offers amazing opportunities for the students to be involved in and learn.”

Alyssa - Class of 2019

“I love how LCA is a small private school where everyone knows everyone! I got to develop a relationship with all of my teachers, which has definitely helped me grow in my Christian faith. Liberty Christian Academy has such an amazing atmosphere. It is a school that every child should have the privilege and opportunity to attend!”

Ashton - Class of 2017

“LCA provides a good learning and spiritual environment. The classes are small, which allows the teachers and students to get to know one another. The teachers actually care about you and don't feel like just teachers, but leaders you can look up to!”

Isabella - Class of 2017

I love the close-knit community you feel at LCA!  I like that I can connect the Word of God to subjects and topics we are talking about in class.  I chose to teach at LCA because of the opportunity the school and staff provides me to teach, mentor and support students who will go on to do such great things.   I want students to leave my classroom knowing that I love and care for them, that I support them and look forward to seeing all they will accomplish in the future! 

Sarah McCoy - 5th Grade Teacher

“I like teaching at LCA because I have the freedom to share the love of Christ with my students and help them to develop a God-centered worldview.  I came to LCA because of the positive impact that the school had on my own children.  I love the feeling of family and being part of an organization whose goal is to give God glory!”

Wendy Brooks - Middle School Teacher

“A huge shout-out to ALL of the teachers and staff at LCA!  You all rock!  Thank you also to the teachers who did before and after school care. We are blessed by the entire staff! Thank you!”

Keller Family - Proud Parent of 1st grader and Kindergartener

“The amount of love and attention that Miss Taylor gives to each one of her students truly amazes me. She has the heart of an angel and has been the biggest blessing to not only my daughter, but to all of us that have the honor of being in her presence. She has more patience than I thought was possible.  She is in our family prayers daily and one of the people we are most thankful for.  Thank you LCA for bringing her into our lives!”

Shae Wilkinson - Proud Parent of a Kindergartener

“Unequivocally, my husband and I made the correct choice when we selected Liberty Christian Academy for our son. The staff of teachers is one of the best in the area. The care and attention they give our son by far exceeds any of our expectations. My son beams with pride when you ask him about school. We are truly blessed to be apart of the Liberty family. If you’re researching schools please contact Liberty Christian Academy and tour the campus.”

Sarah Zizzo - Proud Parent of 4th Grader

My son began attending LCA in pre-school and is now a first grader. I also have three older children who all attended public school. When it was time for my youngest to begin school, I made a decision to find a school that would fit him and would teach him to build a strong foundation of social, academic and spiritual skills. In our culture today of all of the negative information we are constantly exposed to, I know that need to do what I can to raise my children with all of the values that guide me. At LCA my son is growing up in an environment of kindness, creativity, honesty and trust from both the staff and students. My son feels valued and respected.  Also, the summer camp program offered at the school is worth looking into for working and non-working parents. This is a very flexible program to fit parents’ schedules and is filled with different and fun activities each week.

Heather Prater - Proud LCA Parent