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I remember, before the day of video clips and technology, what was referred to in my church youth group as “object lessons”. It was an easy way to convey a message with the use of a simple item/object. In a sense Jesus used object lessons all through His earthly ministry to convey His message. His “object lessons” are known as “parables”. A parable is defined as an earthly story with a heavenly meaning, and parables are sprinkled all through the Gospels to proclaim His truth in an easy to understand way.

When I taught the Easter story as an elementary teacher, I often used “Resurrection Eggs” – with small objects hidden in plastic eggs to represent portions of the Easter story. Included with each object was a Bible verse that sequentially told the story of the death and resurrection of Christ. The last egg was empty, representing the empty tomb.

Easter is so much more than new life represented by eggs, baby chicks and baby bunnies. It is about the new life in Christ – eternal life for those who believe. That’s the true Easter story!

“…if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation…” II Corinthians 5:17

                                                                                                             LaVonne McIlrath, Head of School 

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