Mrs. Ball’s Kindergarten Class Publishes a Book!

As a class, we decided we would like to write and publish a book this year! The students chose the topic: they were insistent that it be about something from the Bible, so they chose “Animals of the Ark.” Each student then chose an animal about which they would like to write and illustrate pages. As a class, we watched and discussed educational videos about each of the animals. We learned so many interesting facts! The students then told me what information they would like to include in their pages, and I typed it up as they told me. After the writing was finished, the students drew pictures of their chosen animals. They did such an amazing job! We submitted our book for publication, and now everyone has his or her own copy! This was definitely a time-consuming project, but so worth it! We learned many things about science, as well as writing and the publishing process! Stop by our classroom anytime if you would like to read our book!