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Arrival/Dismissal Guidelines

As you enter from Refugee Road you will drive up to form a car line parallel to the curb and directly in front (1-5) or back (6-12) of the building.  Please follow the curb and pull up to the staff member(s) on duty. Please do not block the entrance to the front parking lot during carline. For the safety of all, please do not park and enter the building, causing additional congestion during these times. Additionally, please do not pull out to pass another vehicle.

FIRST DAY (and every day): In an effort to make each day as seamless as possible, we kindly ask all parents to please say your goodbyes prior to dropping off your student at the curb and let us escort your child to his or her classroom.

6:00-8:05  Refugee Road Campus AM Extended Care – pre-registered LCA Students enrolled in 1st through 5th Grade are eligible to attend extended care.  Please enter through the main entrance (by the flagpole) and sign your child(ren) in at the front office.  AM Extended Care will not be offered on days where LCA is operating on a 2 hour delay. Students using Extended Care must pre-register for specific days and whether students will be attending the morning and/or afternoon sessions. No “drop-ins” will be allowed. Please note that registration will be limited.  

8:05-8:30  AM Car Line Arrival – once staff members are present, students will enter the building through the main entrance.
Student Drivers – Give plenty of time to arrive and enter through the back cafeteria entrance, and get to your locker then HR class by 8:25am. (Suggest arriving by 8:20am at the latest -with increased enrollment and staff, we will have the most vehicles on campus to date).

NOTE: Class begins at 8:25AM for 6th-12th grades and 8:30 AM for 1st-5th grades. 

3:00 PM – Elementary (1-6) car line check-in begins in School Dismissal Manager
3:15 PM –
Elementary dismissal begins
3:20 PM
  – Bus Riders & Student Drivers – dismissal through the rear doors (as directed by staff)
3:25 PM – Busses depart followed by student drivers. If student drivers miss that window, they will need to wait until the car line is complete before exiting.
3:30 PM
–  Elementary Dismissal – continues in the front of the building.
Middle School & High School Dismissal – (6-12 and elementary siblings) carline check-in begins in School Dismissal Manager, in the back of the building.

At Orientation you will be provided with Family Car Signs to place in your driver’s side window.  As you pull up to the curb to pick up your child(ren), please stop momentarily to allow our staff member to clearly see this sign.

Please be prepared to show your I.D. in car-line and/or to our receptionist at the front window.  For security reasons, anyone entering the building will sign in at the main office and be photographed for a photo ID badge. We appreciate your patience as we follow this procedure for the safety and well-being of all of our students.  This procedure will also make our dismissal time more efficient for all involved.

Important things to note:
15 miles per hour max speeding limit on LCA campus including entering and exiting the school property.
MUST follow the pattern for entering and exiting, and ONLY go that direction. (Can NOT turn right exiting the gravel parking lot as sometimes busses use that lane when arriving late)
If you arrive late to school , you will need to check in at the front desk for a pass with Mrs. Coil, School Secretary.
If you have to leave school early for any reason, we must hear from a parent before you are permitted to leave campus (scheduled appointments can be entered in the School Dismissal Manager). If parental permission is granted, you MUST sign out at the front desk. Please get documentation from doctor appointments to turn in in order for your absence to be excused (initially entered in FACTS as Unexcused – any 4 late or 4  early release unexcused absences will result in a detention).

NOTE: On the rare occasion that a student would need to be dismissed from school early, parents must sign out their student and await their dismissal at the front entryway. These students will be marked “unexcused early dismissal”.  (exception: pre-arranged doctor’s appointment).