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Middle School


Liberty Christian Academy Middle School includes grades 6-8.

Strong emphasis is placed on good study habits and encouraging a disciplined approach to the pursuit of knowledge.  Classes offered at the middle school level prepare students for LCA’s college prep high school classes while still enjoying the fun of middle school.

Our challenging academic program meets and exceeds state standards.  On state standardized tests, LCA middle school students typically test several grade levels higher than their public school peers.


Liberty Christian Academy uses the BJU Press curriculum in preschool through high school. The Christian worldview can be seen in all materials, encouraging the students to think about the world the way God does.

6th -8th grades

With 6th through 8th grade students changing classes over an eight-period day, teachers approach each class understanding the fundamental differences between middle school and elementary or high school students.  Instruction in skills of note taking, organization, and research are presented early and implemented throughout the middle school years.


Science Camp
Creation Museum (6th grade)
Cincinnati Trip/Noah’s Ark (7th Grade)