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Every student has a story at Liberty Christian Academy.  With over 400 students enrolled from our local communities to international students from China, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries, our students share in their love for the education they receive at LCA.  Take a look below to read more about our outstanding students and why they love LCA!

“I’m been at LCA since PK and I enjoy all my classes because of the wonderful teachers.  I also love LCA because we can talk about Jesus whenever we want!”  James, 8th Grade

“I love my school because I get to play outside with my friends and I like to do math with my teacher.”  Autumn, 2nd Grade

” I love LCA because they have the best teachers and I learn something new everyday!”  Elijah, 4th Grade

“I enjoy the challenging curriculum and how the teachers truly care about my academics.”    Meliah, 7th Grade

“I like our school because we get to learn about Jesus and the Bible.  We also get to learn that Jesus died for our sins.”  Ethan, 4th Grade

“I love how fun the projects are that we get to make.  I love handwriting because we get to practice cursive.  Our school is the best school around!”  Gracie, 5th Grade

“I love LCA because we talk about the Bible. I also love how the school is organized and clean.”  Mikiah, 8th Grade 

“I love LCA because it is a place where I can connect with other students.  My favorite class is science because I like learning about the world around me.  The way God designed us is so fascinating, and I love that our curriculum is based on biblical truth, such as flood and creation.” Allie, 7th Grade