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Liberty Christian Academy teaches technology throughout the entire curriculum.  It is a tool we use to learn more about any and every subject.  As we use technology to more fully explore God’s world, we also strive to master it.  We master technology by thinking critically about how we use it in our everyday lives and by learning the skills needed to use it efficiently and effectively.

LCA technology class offerings:

  • Elementary students  – to introduce them to foundational computer science skills through problem solving activities.
  • Introduction to Computer Science:  introduces students to problem solving skills and basic computer science concepts, programming with SCRATCH, and Tynkercad for 3D printing design
  • Graphic Design:  beginner and intermediate digital design skills using Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Advanced classes use developing skills to produce school marketing pieces.
  • Digital Photography: introduces students to the basics of digital photography using a Digital SLR camera.  Also introduces students to basic post-processing editing.
  • Coding Club:  Google CS First curriculum introducing student to programming concepts