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Families choose Liberty Christian Academy for their children primarily for the outstanding academic education and Christian environment.  Our families become part of a community desiring the best education for their children.  The following are some parent stories sharing their experiences at Liberty Christian Academy:

To say that it’s been a challenge to transition our family from lifelong West Virginians to Ohioans would be an understatement. Leaving behind family and friends is hard enough, but to also leave an amazing school that felt like home would almost be too much had it not been for finding Liberty Christian Academy.  Thankfully, our family could live anywhere in the Columbus area as my job is very flexible, so we settled in Pataskala solely because of the school.

We felt welcomed at the school from the moment we stepped in for our visit.  The kindness of the staff, the cleanliness of the building, and the firm foundation in Christ was felt that very first day.  We have since continued to experience that same environment as we conclude our first semester at LCA.  The curriculum is challenging and rewarding as they are learning to be more like Jesus. There are many extracurricular activities even for elementary students.  Our girls played 3rd and 4th grade volleyball and are now playing basketball as well.  Whatever your child’s interests there will be something for them at LCA.

Sad, but true; our children spend more waking hours at school than they do at home.  Your babies are worth the investment. The teachers love, pray, and pour into the students daily. Not only are the teachers great, but we also love how approachable the principals and head of school are. They know the students and interact with them regularly.  One of the things we are most thankful for this holiday season is Liberty Christian Academy.  We are truly blessed to be part of the LCA family!    Roop Family (Kindergarten & 3rd Grader)


When researching school options for our son (2nd grade), we knew that a public school option was not the best fit for Ethan.  As a younger child, Ethan was on the shyer side, and we were concerned he would get lost.  We also knew that we wanted a curriculum that would challenge and engage him.  Finding a school that presents an advanced curriculum with a Christian world view, as LCA does, made our decision one of the easiest – and best – we have made as parents.

At LCA, not only is Ethan learning core educational curriculum, he’s also learning what it means to be a kind and contributing member of society.  I love the support we get from his teachers, and all the staff at LCA, guiding him toward being a good friend, a caring and empathetic individual.  When he walks the halls at LCA not only do teachers and staff recognize him by name but students – across grade levels – greet him by name with a warm “hello”.  I love that. Layer on top of all of that extra-curricular opportunities, sports programs, advanced learning opportunities, in-building before-and-after school care, summer camp, and so much more!  LCA offers everything we could ever need or hope to expose our son to, all wrapped up in the love of Jesus.He is known; he is loved; he is highly educated; he is excelling.  They say “it takes a village” and I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of the LCA “village”.  Hitts Family (2nd Grader)


“This is our second year at LCA. I have a second grader and a fifth grader. My boys have made lots of new friends and have enjoyed the teachers and staff. The communication is great and I love how the school really focuses on teaching the students about becoming a greater person and preparing them for the future. I also love the curriculum and have been very happy with the school academically. The administration and staff seem to work very hard to give the students not only a great school experience but also give the students other opportunities and experiences to participate in throughout the year. We have been very happy with our decision to come to this school and we look forward to our boys growing up in LCA.”  Lawhead Family (2nd Grader & 5th Grader)


I love that the parents, staff, administration, and teachers all truly love the school and want to make it better each year. The administration cares about what both the parents and students want to see in the school and they ask for feedback annually via surveys and they hold multiple parent meetings each year to discuss these changes. It is a family atmosphere and I love that my girls get to be a part of it.  The moment we walked in the doors over six years ago looking for a preschool for our oldest daughter, it felt like home. Every staff member and teacher that both my girls (2nd and 4th grades) have had since preschool are so caring and invested in the kids. The school is growing and with that has come successful programs in athletics, drama, music, technology, etc. The parents and staff are all involved in the education process and it creates such a family atmosphere. My girls have had classes in Spanish and technology. They have both participated in spelling bees and speech meets. They have participated in track, basketball, volleyball, drama plays, and cheerleading. They have experienced all of those things at LCA prior to entering the 4th grade. Both my girls enjoy going to school each day and there is no other place that I would send my kids each day.  Heim Family  (3rd Grader & 5th Grader)


 If you are looking for a great school to send your child(ren) to, you owe it to yourself to schedule a visit with Liberty Christian Academy. I am a parent of an incoming 8th grader and 5th grader. Both have been attending LCA since Preschool 3. My husband and I love the atmosphere that is provided for our children. They get to learn about God each day and in all subjects that are taught. The teachers genuinely care for the students as a whole not just in their academics. The classes are challenging and my children continually test higher than the average in the state. In high school, they will have an opportunity to earn college credits, play sports, and be involved in art, music, drama and STEM activities. This past year they worked hard to give their middle school an identity. The opportunities that the administration gave and will continue to give the kids are a chance to be more involved in missions, community service, sports, and, of course, academics. This is the 2nd year that LCA has run a summer camp as a alternative to other summer childcare. My kids LOVE it. They had attended another summer camp in town for the past several years. They have told me that they like LCA’s so much better because of the activities, counselors, and other students that they get to spend the summer with. My husband and I have made a commitment to our children’s education and Liberty Christian Academy has given us a place for our children to thrive. We would encourage anyone who wants their children in a Christian environment and to receive challenging education to consider LCA.    Orr Family (5th Grader and 8th Grader)

Our family is so thankful for Liberty Christian Academy. We have two boys, ages 10 (5th Grade) and 12 (7th Grade) who look forward to going to school. And LCA is far more than a school for us. It is a community and family. While we are very happy with the Christian education our children are receiving, we appreciate that our school helps to build character, interests and compassion for others in our boys. From in-class projects and activities, to groups like Student Council and Praise Team, plus Drama Club and sports our children are learning how to be part of a community. I would like to personally invite you to checkout our website or schedule your visit soon.   Schindler Family (6th Grader &  8th Grader)