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Extended Care Program

Liberty Christian Academy offers Extended Care services before and after school for our students.  Students are cared for by responsible adults who provide games, activities, and videos to make this time safe and enjoyable.

Extended Care consists of a morning session and an afternoon session.  The morning session is from 6:00-8:05 A.M.  Any students who arrive at school (excluding bus riders) before 8:05 A.M. will be charged for the morning session.  The afternoon session is from 3:30 -6:00 P.M.  All students who remain at school after 3:30 P.M. will be placed in Extended Care and charged accordingly.  The cost is $9.00 per session per family.  In other words, if you use both the morning and afternoon sessions, your cost will be $18.00 per day.

During the afternoon session students will have a scheduled snack time.  Please send a nutritious snack for your student to enjoy, if you want them to take advantage of this daily opportunity.