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College Credit Plus

For Nonpublic School Families


  • The deadline is April 1 for nonpublic school students to apply for College Credit Plus funds for next school year, so time is critical. 
  • Feb. 1 – April 1 at 5:00 pm: Sign-up for a OH|ID Account – nonpublic and homeschool parents
  • Feb. 1 – April 1 at 5:00 pm: Apply for funding – nonpublic and homeschool parents
  • Before May 6: Funding award notifications sent – nonpublic and homeschool parents
OCU Trailblazer Forms for CCP



Check out this link to find out more:

Ohio’s College Credit Plus program gives college-ready students in grades 7-12 the chance to earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking  courses at a participating Ohio college or university.  Ohio has set aside a specific amount to fund this program for non-public students.  This funding can be used to pay the tuition for those classes.  All public colleges and certain private colleges in Ohio are participating.

College Credit Plus is an opportunity for college-ready and interested students to pursue more challenging classes and explore college interests sooner.  Students can earn anywhere from a few college credits to more than a year’s worth while still in high school.  College Credit Plus can reduce your child’s time in college and greatly reduce your family’s higher education costs.

Liberty Christian Academy has partnered with Ohio Christian University (OCU) to offer college courses taught at Liberty Christian Academy. For any questions regarding College Credit Plus, please reach out to Mrs. Kussmaul, High School Principal.

CCP Courses taught at LCA have included:
  • Oral Communications
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • English Composition I and II
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • US History II
  • Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Special Topic: The Holocaust

College Credit Plus Information: