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College Applications, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Parents and students are always looking for the most economical way to fund college.  It is important to remember that the first step in acquiring scholarships and grants is setting high academic goals in high school.  Start with your freshman year and work hard  in all of your high school classes.

College Applications

Scholarship Search

Research and sign up for scholarship searches.  Some of the funds you receive may come from the college or university you choose to attend.  Meet with the financial aid offices of those schools to determine how they can assist you.  Here are some scholarship search sites to check out:

Use these resources when you are writing your college application or scholarship essays:

Financial Aid

Be sure to understand all of your options concerning financial aid for college.  In October  of your senior year, you and your parents should complete the FAFSA form.  This government document will be used by colleges and universities to determine what, if any grants and loans you may be eligible for.  It is important to pay strict attention to deadlines.  Click here for the 2022-23 FAFSA deadlines.

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