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College Fairs and Visits

You have over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States to consider in your search. Learn how to gather information about your choices and find the right colleges to add to your list by attending college fairs and scheduling college visits.

A college fair is a gathering of college representatives who are looking for the right students for their institutions. They are there to spread the word about their college to high school students — and they want to talk to you. You can get a lot of information about different colleges in one place at a college fair. You’ll meet college representatives who can talk to you and answer questions about their colleges, and you can sign up for college mailing lists.

College fairs may be held at a local school, a conference center or a local community center, and the colleges may be local or from around the country. The representatives usually sit at booths or tables and hand out brochures and cards. They can tell you about everything from academics to campus life at their college, and they can also answer more-general questions about college.

Upcoming College Fairs

Junior and Senior students at LCA are offered the opportunity to attend a Christian College Fair in the Fall.

Virtual College Fairs:

OACAC is proud to present to all Ohio students, parents & counselors 

free virtual college fairs and information panels

College Visits

Get a taste of college life by visiting a nearby college. You can explore the campus, talk to college students and get a better sense of what you do and don’t want in a college. You’ll also start to see how college is different from high school.

Campus visits can range from a quick hour to an overnight stay, from a casual guided tour to a formal presentation. Be sure to ask how long the whole visit will take so you can be prepared.

Most campus visits will include the following:

  • An information session.
  • An admission representative talks to you or your group about the college before the campus tour.
  • A campus tour. These are usually led by current students. You will see the main parts of the campus and have a chance to ask questions.

At many colleges, you can also arrange to do the following:

  • Attend a class.
  • Meet with a professor.
  • Meet with an admission officer.
  • Meet with a financial aid officer.
  • Attend a club meeting or a sports practice session.
  • Eat in the dining hall.
College Visit Forms